The Artist

Anne Waggot Knott

Anne is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and geographer whose practice is much broader than just printmaking.

She is influenced by our physical and metaphorical journeys and human connections with the environment. Place, space and identity are recurring themes. The darker elements of our lakes, uplands and rural spaces hold a special kind of appeal.

Anne's recent work spans sculpture, glass, installation, photography, digital imaging and filmmaking. Her practice is often conceptual and has significant narrative and process behind it, frequently rooted in wild landscapes. 

As a social scientist frequently working in a science environment, effectively communicating ideas between groups with differing expertise and understanding, divergent approaches or mismatched expectations has been an area of focus. She is interested in using the visual arts to explore these mismatches and find common levels of understanding or even agreement.



TRAVERSE >> work in progress

FURNISHING >> a visual story of temporary closure

TOUCHPOINTS >> project blog for Furnishing


Following six years spent working in the outdoor education sector Anne graduated with MA Geography (University of St Andrews) in 2007. She then carved out a successful career in higher education, communications and the research sector, travelling widely and engaging with projects across the arts, humanities, science and technology. 

A considered career change saw Anne complete a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art (Carlisle College, formerly Cumbria Institute of the Arts) in 2020. Having found her age, location and pathway into the arts to be a barrier to most entry level and mid-career opportunities, she is an advocate for professional artists coming through non-standard routes. She champions latecomers to the profession, cross-disciplinary practitioners and others excluded due to narrow demographic parameters or because they challenge establishment expectations.

Community engagement and widening participation have always been important features of Anne's work, encouraging people to venture beyond their own (and others') expectations. She has received social responsibility awards for her community and business engagement work at The University of Manchester. She believes that innovative, socially engaged project management is very much part of the creative process, from initiation to evaluation and beyond.