Sunflower for Ukraine

  • Sunflower for Ukraine
  • Sunflower for Ukraine
  • Sunflower for Ukraine

The sunflower is a symbol of Ukraine. This abstract composition references the coming together of people in the face of barriers and differences. It represents hope, community and solidarity for all those affected by war and conflict.

Printmaking has always been important in times like these. Traditionally, it has supported the spread of information and the galvanising of political movements. In this 21st century war of digital disinformation, I am using it to support the humanitarian aid effort and to look forward to better days.

This is an original, open edition, three-colour linocut print in colourfast professional inks on a 90g mid-weight specialist Japanese printing paper. It is 21 x 21cm and supplied unframed.

CHARITY DONATION: Your £25.00 will go to War Child, supporting young victims of the war in Ukraine as well as many other less-publicised conflicts across the world.

DISPATCH DATE: These will be dispatched in the first week of December 2022, to allow for drying time and (sustainable) packaging.